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Wholesale Crystals & Minerals

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About Us

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Why Us?

Welcome to The Gracious Mineral Company! We understand what it’s like being a small shop or even being a shop who’s just looking for small quantities of high quality crystals & minerals without have to purchase an enormous amount at one time. Often times that’s just not a feasible or affordable option.

We also understand that your shop may be looking for the exact opposite—large quantities but without the hassle of sourcing it yourself.

We offer wholesale crystals at wholesale prices. We are here to service businesses and shops both large and small (or as I like to say—growing!).

Retail/Resale certificates are currently not required but any business that has one will receive an additional 5% discount once you submit  your information HERE.

Please keep in mind that while we are growing our page and expanding our inventory (international shipments are currently in transit to us), pre-orders are being accepted, however, selections and available quantities are very limited.

We need your help!

Sourcing high quality crystals is all part of the fun...and, at times, the headache!

We're currently on the hunt for more items to add to our wholesale inventory and we need your help. We would love to hear what crystals and minerals you are looking for! While there's no guarantee we'll find it (we're very selective with the quality we source), we'd love to give it a try.

Send us your list and don't worry, you will remain anonymous unless you disclose your information to us.

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Committed to Quality

Quality matters with wholesale, too! We ONLY source high quality, 100% Natural, completely UNTREATED stones.

Our stones may be cut and polished but are NEVER heat treated. Their beauty comes naturally from Mother Earth.

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